You know the whole notion that men aren’t emotionally in touch with themselves? These guys in Venice Beach aren't doing a whole lot to dispel it. All they had to do was cry one measly tear and they would win. But they couldn't do it.

Filmmaker Brent Hoff created ‘The Crying Competition.' The rules are simple: “four men at a table, whistle blows, first tear to hit the table wins." They got off to a promising start as Mike, Will, David and Kent put on super-serious faces and concentrated really hard on making stuff come out of their eyes.

Basically, they prove that such a feat is impossible, regardless of technique. There’s the internally-motivated crying technique, the blinking technique, and the ‘keep your eyes open as long as possible without blinking technique,' all of which fail to produce even a lonely teardrop. Where are your souls, you monsters?!

To further bolster their point about how men are emotionally disconnected, after everybody gave up, an assistant producer (and lady) named Emily sat down and started crying in 25 seconds. BOOM.

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