Women can get harm from too much of this but guys can't. So it's time for us dudes to step up!

There was a study to see what was the limit of housework women can do before it starts affecting her health. That amount was about 3 hours of housework.

After that, 25% of women are more likely to have health issues from doing too much work in one day.

Here is the kicker though. According to this same study, men can do an unlimited about household chores. It doesn't seem to affect them at all.

Now, this depends on the actually chores we are talking about. Men seem to do chores that require more physical activity. For example, fixing things around the house is much more mentally stimulating than washing dishes daily.

This study also claims that women do an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes of chores a day. Which is 40 minutes more than they should. The average guy spends only 90 minutes a day doing chores.

Some come on guys! Let's get to it! Let's help our ladies out!

What do you think? Are you doing too many chores? Does you guy help out enough? Tell us in the comment section below.


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