Some celebrities run from TMZ's cameras. Others attack the people operating them. Michael Buble, on the other hand, makes them part of the story.

Buble, who hosted his second Christmas special on NBC tonight (Dec. 10), had the holidays on his mind when he saw TMZ's crew on Saturday (Dec. 8) -- and being that it happened to be the first night of Hanukkah, he figured he might as well commandeer their cameraman for an impromptu duet performance of Adam Sandler's 'The Hanukkah Song.'

Originally delivered as part of a holiday segment on 'Weekend Update' during Sandler's tenure at 'Saturday Night Live,' 'The Hanukkah Song' has gone on to enjoy de facto standard status, owing in large part to the fact that there really aren't very many other songs about the Jewish festival of lights (although we can recommend 'Hanukkah Rocks' by the LeeVees to any of our dreidel-spinning friends looking to expand their December playlists). Something tells us we can expect an altogether less sloppy series of performances from 'Michael Buble: Home for the Holidays,' but this is still pretty charming.

Hardcore TMZ fans will no doubt recall that this isn't the first time Buble has spent the holidays harassing a TMZ cameraman -- last year, he dragooned one of their celebrity stalkers for a bit of caroling on the New York city streets. Clearly, December brings something out in the guy.

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