It's a baby for the Bubles!

Crooner Michael Buble, who is like a modern day Rat Packer with a silky-smooth voice and who was once a comedian, and his wife, Argentine model Luisiana Lopilato, are expecting their first child together! That'll probably be the best-looking kid… ever! With that DNA, he or she might even be prettier than any of the Brangelina spawn! Baby Buble will likely be incredibly talented, as well. It's in the genes.

Buble and Lopilato chose to reveal their exciting news via a short video, where they shared the sonogram. Aw! Buble's smash hit 'Haven't Met You Yet' plays in the background, since, well, the proud parents-to-be- haven't met their little one yet. But they will soon! They're having a Baby Buble in the coming months.

Buble, 37, and Lopilato, married in 2011.

Buble once said, "All my friends have babies so every time one of them says, 'Guess what, you're going to be an uncle,' part of me is so happy for them and the other part of me is jealous."

Now he can rejoice and erase his jealousy, since he is going to have a Baby Buble of his own.

Congrats to the happy and attractive couple on their upcoming bundle of joy.

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