Microsoft has a new Chief Executive Officer in Satya Nadella as former CEO, Steve Ballmer, officially retires.

In a recent announcement by Microsoft, Satya Nadella was named CEO after putting in over 22 years at the company, and being in charge of numerous divisions of the computing juggernaut. We know that the CEO doesn't physically do much in terms of actual game or system development, but that person does help steer the overall company in directions that are best for business and acts as the company's face in many press-related events.

One thing Ballmer tremendously failed in was his lack of initiative in pushing Microsoft into the smartphone market in the early 2000s, especially in 2007 when he originally said, "There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." Ballmer's retirement was anticipated after he allegedly lost billions of dollars in Microsoft acquisitions over the years.

Hopefully, Nadella will help drive Microsoft's gaming department into closing the gap between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, because neck-and-neck competition tends to inspire both companies to bring out the best they have to offer. Nadella has been responsible for advocating Microsoft's involvement with Cloud-based technology, which is most likely to become even more prevalent on the Xbox One later on.

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