Mike Tyson has proved that with the right writers, he can in fact be funny!  There's something about seeing this huge, scarey dude tell jokes in that little voice of his.  We'll get set to see the Hangover star on the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, sitting on the dais and waiting his turn to rip into the Sheen like he was Evander Hoolifields ear!

"Sources heavily involved with the Roast tell us ... Mike will be on the dais on September 10 ... along with Steve-O from "Jackass" ... comic Anthony Jeselnik and Roast legend Jeff Ross."

Oh man Jeff Ross is my favorite!  We've seen some great roasts in the past, but  this one will by far be the best!  Set your DVR now, it's coming up next month!  If you forget don't worry, Comedy Central replays these shows more then we play Lil Wayne so you'll have plenty of chances to see it!

So if you could choose anybody in the world to be roasted, I mean ANYBODY, whom would it be?  For me, Lindsay Lohan!  I'd love to see the roasters rip into her like an old lady ripping into a box of depends!

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