There are so many different organizations in Amarillo that do amazing things but aren't often known about.  One of those organizations is Mission Amarillo, and they need your help.

Mission Amarillo is an organization that is trying to better the lives of those living in poverty here in Amarillo.  They want to improve their lives without taking away their dignity.  They don't do it for recognition or to benefit themselves, but to make a difference and give them hope.

One of the things that Mission Amarillo does is provide shoes to those in need through their shoe closet.  Some kids have the luxury of buying the latest pair of Jordans or whatever shoe is popular at the moment.  Some kids have to wear their shoes until they literally fall apart.  Mission Amarillo works with the schools in Amarillo, Bushland, Canyon, Highland Park, and Bushland ISDs to make sure kids have shoes that fit them and are in good condition.

Not only could they use help keeping the shoe closet stocked, but they could use help for their Affordable Christmas Store.  This is such an amazing store.  This store lets families buy Christmas gifts for a discounted price.  These are families that can't afford Christmas without the store.

This year the need for the Affordable Christmas Store is greater than it was last year.  That means that there aren't enough gifts to be bought.  There are many ways to help.  You can go to and buy some items off their wishlist.  You can donate cash.  Or if you'd like to help but can't really afford to buy anything, you can donate your time.  They are in need of volunteers to work various parts of the store on December 10th.

These families didn't choose to be in the living situations they are in, but things happen.  And it is definitely not the children's fault.  If you would like to donate, you can go to their Facebook page at Mission Amarillo or on their website at

If you need more information on anything Mission Amarillo is doing you can contact Jeff Parsons at or give him a call at (806) 236-3487.


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