Model & actress Estella Warren, best known for her role in Planet of the Apes, got hammered at the club and then got hammered with a DUI.  But the madness doesn't end there!  Last night, she was drunk driving and wrecked her Toyota Prius into 3 parked cars.  From my understanding, when the police arrived she resisted arrest and even kicked one of the cops!  After a long struggle with the 90 POUND GIRL police finally subdued her and took her in.  Then, Estella wiggled out of her handcuffs and headed for the back door to escape. Just like something out of a movie!  So now, poor Estella will be charged with felony escape, DUI, assault and hit & run.  This girl seems pretty kewl huh!  I've always wanted a hot movie star that knows how to throw her weight around!