It's probably not where you expect it to be.

John Panella

The Office of Attorney Brian White in Houston put together a list of the most dangerous intersections in Texas.

They analyzed four years of data that the Texas Department of Transportation released between 2012 -2015 about collisions that were related to intersections in the the state of Texas.

They then compiled a list of the most dangerous intersections in Texas.

Amarillo made the list.  The intersection at 45th and Western had 50 crashes with 24 injuries reported in that 4 year period.

Lubbock has 26 intersections on the list.  The intersection of Loop 289 and Slide Road was the most dangerous intersection.  Over 187 crashes were reported at this intersection including 89 injuries and 1 death.

The most dangerous intersection in Texas is in Houston. The intersection is W. Sam Houston Parkway and Bissonnet Street with 335 crashes and 263 injuries.

If you are traveling in Amarillo, be extra cautious at the intersection of 45th and Western, especially with all the construction going on in the area.

You can read the full report here.