DUDE! I could not stop watching this video it's so hilarious! The crazy thing is I could hear this song on the radio station! Wait, what does that say about us?  It say's we've got a freaking sense of humor that's what!

Mr. Ghetto released this song about 5 months ago and it's going viral with the help of Youtube.  And it's basically him singing about going to Wal-Mart to pick up ladies, because ya know all the women be at Wal-Mart.  Wally-Wally and Grocery-Grocery seem to be an adjective for booty shaking, and I mean serious booty shaking, like big ghetto booty!  A black friend of mine told me they call that "soul food", it's okay for me to say that because he's MY black friend.  Does this video offend Wal-Mart? (Best of New Orleans)

But besides content deemed offensive by most YouTube voters, the store comes across looking pretty good — clean and well stocked with a wide assortment. Right on message for Walmart.

And Mr. Ghetto portrays Walmart as a great place to meet women. "Man, forget going to the club to meet some new," he says at the outset. "When I want me some new, I will get me a basket and walk around Walmart."

Summer's Eve and Massengil feminine wash products also get prominent play, as does the Louisiana Purchase state electronic benefits transfer card, all almost certainly without pay or authorization.


Oh yeah I mentioned that it sings about Summer's Eve and Massengil didn't I?  Pretty sure I did...

Moving on this video is potentially NSFW.  I say that because there is no nudity or curse words at least that I caught while watching it the 10 times I have so far, but it's nothing but booty shaking.  So it's kind of a hit or miss just depends on your boss.

Anyways enjoy the jam and let us know what you think!  I'm going to wally wally wally wally-world!