As the Mega Millions Jackpot soars to a ridiculous $500 Million many people are spending crazy amounts of money and companies are pooling their money together.  MTV's Rob Dyrdek spent $700 on quick picks with no luck.

Millions of people were disappointed last night as the Mega Millions numbers were called with no winner.  Even Rob Dyrdek tried his luck by purchasing $700 in quick picks.  According to sources he felt really good about the odds.

This does, however, bring a new hope to the people.  The jackpot is now at $500 million!  This is now a record high.  Somebody has to eventually win and it could be you.

As Friday nears, people are spending ridiculous amounts of money on ticket for a shot at the jackpot.  Some are even pooling their money together for an even better chance at winning.

I usually buy one or two tickets.  I figure if it's meant to be then my numbers will work.  But with a jackpot as high as $500 million, I am tempted to buy a few more tickets.  Maybe Dallas Chambers, Tommy The Hacker, and I can all pitch in and buy a bunch of tickets and increase our odds.

So here's my question:  How much money do you plan on spending on lottery tickets this Friday?  Are you and some co-workers putting money into a pot?