This past Saturday was my first Beerfest. It was an amazing event. While I was running around keeping busy, I learned a few things.


  • Credit: Shannon Lewis

    Come Dress To Have Fun

    One of my favorite things about this event was everyone was wearing their favorite beer drinking shirts, hats, socks or whatever else they could put on their body. Fun stuff!

  • Credit: Shannon Lewis

    Go VIP!

    There is so much to do at Beerfest but when you go VIP you get even more stuff to do. You get a chance to try some exclusive product and of course, you get into the event before everyone else!

  • Credit: Shannon Lewis

    Try Everything

    There are different beers and products to try. You might find a new favorite if you are willing to sample everything at the event.

  • Credit: Shannon Lewis

    Get There Early

    It gets busy pretty fast at Beerfest. When the doors open everyone rushes into getting to all of the good stuff. Remember VIP's get in first, if you don't go VIP get there before the doors open so you can be one of the first to get in.