Between the Civic Center Complex and Hodgetown, there's a plaza. That plaza is Centennial Plaza. There's a time capsule there, and I can't find any information about it anywhere.

Prophesies, Heritage, The Future of Amarillo

Looking down to read the inscription, you'll find that buried in this time capsule are artifacts from the year long party Amarillo threw for its centennial back in '87.

I wasn't able to find out much looking through news sites online. So we'll just have to go off of what we know of the era.

There will probably be some photos with big hair in them, possibly something with bright colors, and news articles. When I did a Google search for "amarillo 1987," the first results I got were of the PBS special Faces of Amarillo.

Based simply on the popularity of the special when it comes to Google search results, I'm hoping there's a copy in the time capsule.

It's Going To Be A Mystery For A Little While Longer

Unfortunately, it isn't going to be opened in the near future. Unless you count 2037 to be the near future. The inscription has very specific instructions when it comes to opening the time capsule.

It should be opened every 50 years. Beginning, in 2037.

So now we wait, for almost 16 years.

What We Can Do In The Meantime

Walking through Centennial Plaza, I noticed one big thing. There are some spots that could use a little TLC. Some inscriptions are getting hard to read. In some places you can't read them at all.

We've got 16 years before the next big shindig. Plenty of time to spruce the place up a bit before the guests arrive.

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