For the last month or so I have noticed something in the parking lot of the shopping center at 45th and Teckla.

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A pile of dirt.  Not just a small pile of dirt.  A very large pile of dirt that is just sitting in the parking lot.

This dirt is near where the Cliffside Coffee building used to call home.  It sits up and to the side of where Grandy's made a home.  But, now it's an empty end to a shopping center with a big pile of dirt.

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

When I see a bit pile of dirt in a parking lot, I start assuming that they are about to start construction.  Dirt is usually used to start the base of a building before they lay a concrete slab.

That's one thought, or it could be they are getting ready to repave the parking lot in that area, we all know it could use a resurfacing.

Or, it could mean the dirt is being used to fix the street right there between the parking lot and McDonald's across the street.

I reached out to CMS Properties, the company that leases the pad sites on that property in hopes that they will tell me what might be going up in that area.

Could it be a new coffee shop?  A new convenience store? A new restaurant?  A new strip of businesses?  I mean the possibilities are endless.   Well not exactly endless, there is only so much that could go in that small area.

Hopefully, they will answer my question soon, and solve the mystery of what in the heck is that big pile of dirt for in the parking lot.

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