The Maverick Boys and Girls Club received an amazing gift from WorldVentures Foundation and the Nancy Lieberman Charities.

Low income children don't always have safe places to play or constructive environments to learn team-building skills. That's why organizations like the Boys and Girls Club are such a vital part of the community.

The Boys and Girls Club was first started in Amarillo in 1934. They decided to call it the "Maverick" club based on the cowboy slang for an unbranded calf running loose.

On April 25th, Nancy Lieberman, a former professional basketball player, Olympian, and current assistant coach of the Sacramento Kings, dedicated a DreamCourt to the Maverick Boys and Girls Club on behalf of her foundation. DreamCourts are state-of-the-art play spaces that provide children a place to enjoy the outdoors, play basketball, and practice teamwork.

Lieberman ended her dedication with an amazing backwards half-court shot, which she made.

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