You want the kids to have a memorable summer vacation, right? You want them to have fun. You want them to have something to write about on their first day back to school. You know we always write about "what I did over summer vacation."

You want them to have a great story. You are feeling bad because this year has been tough. The price of gas. Oh yeah, that hurt. That means the price of everything has gone up. Can you even get out of the grocery store under $100? It is tough.

So The Maverick Boys and Girls Club has the solution for all of you summer plans. Just don't wait and miss out on this opportunity. Where else can you send your kids for a total price of $250 for the whole summer? Heck my daughter was looking into the cost of daycare in the Dallas area. That was $380 per week. Yes, per week. So $250 for the whole summer would be a lifesaver.

Included in that price is breakfast, lunch and a snack. So you know that they will not go hungry. That feeds them and saves your grocery bill a bit. How great is that? Oh and not to worry they will have a lot of fun.

The will get to go on field trips. Yes there are planned trips to the zoo. They will get to go fishing. There will even be skating. Oh and a trip to the Discovery Center. So they will come home with lots of fun to share with you at dinner time.

There are also a lot of other fun activities planned including arts and crafts, they will get to learn to dance and to cook. Maybe even at the same time. I know you find yourself dancing in the kitchen too.

credit: Maverick Boys and Girls Club
credit: Maverick Boys and Girls Club

There will be a couple mandatory parent orientations that you will have to attend beforehand. One is on June 2nd at 5:30pm or June 4th at 10am. If you have multiple children they will have a reduced price of $200 for the whole summer. Wow.

Registration opens today. Head on over HERE for all the details and to get your kiddos on the way to a summer to remember. You can also follow them on their Facebook page.

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