It took eight-and-a-half months for the NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover to reach the Red Planet aka Mars. The rover landed at 1:31AM ET on Monday, Aug. 6. Once the rover hit its target, the digital space was abuzz with the news. Mars is a crucial location in sci fi literature, lore and film, so naturally, much of the world is curious about what the rover discovers. The landing was a hot topic in our world, too, with plenty of informed, newshound pop stars tweeting about the landing.

Actually, most of the pop stars’ delivered tweets were cute and funny in nature, referencing martians, although‘s tweet made it sound like his good vibes had something to do with the actual landing. We’re all for the power of positive thinking and everything, but… we don’t think that had anything to do with it! Lance Bass had the funniest tweet, since he included a graphic.

Watch the CBS Video of Rover ‘Curiosity’ Landing on Mars

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