Natasha Giggs is all freaked out right now after getting death threats via Twitter over her affair.

Question: Who is she?

Answer: Some lame reality TV person

Comments: I can't believe she's actually freaked out by death threats over the internet, I get those on a monthly basis.

Anyways, some weird-o without a life is out there abusing the internet.  He calls himself "the first killer tweeter" and goes by jersey_justin on Twitter and he's quite the a-hole.

Police contacted the reality TV "star" over the tweets where jersey_justin threatened to kill Natasha because of her eight-year affair with brother-in-law Ryan Giggs.

In messages that the police have seen, the abusive stalker warned: "Just to tell u that yr punishment is coming and it will be severe! Your time is up c***!! You will feel pain! u love all the attention from yr fans; well, enjoy it becoz its almost over!!!"

He later added: "I can't wait to see the pain and fear in your eyes Natasha Giggs."

The fanatic also posted: "On the contrary, the great punishment isnt just she is dead it is that she dies knowing her kids will be in somuch heartbreak & pain swell."

He continued: "@NatashaGiggs u brought it on yourself rotten ****! i cant wait to lay my hands on you and then you'll regret ever spreading your legs!!!!"

HAHA he said "lay"!  Moving on, the killer tweeter then warned Natasha's family & friends to actually stay clear of her, sent as a warning.


Greater Manchester police department is all over it and actually used Twitter to contact Griggs and urge her to contact officers and make a formal complaint.

Natasha said she wants to thank her supporters for their, um support, she also admits that the messages made her feel "little disturbed".

On a side note I'm now following jersey_justin.  He's actually following up on his account, it's kind of interesting to watch.  His latest comment being "i'll co-operate with the police if they request it..maybe they can dust for fingerprints on my laptop on the letters i have not used?!" You should check out the rest of the messages if you have some time.

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