I'm a cord cutter, and it works out pretty well for me except for one thing: there really isn't a good way to get local TV on an app without spending extra for the add-on.

But wait! I got you!

Regular over-the-air TV is still very much alive and well. And it's FREE. I think we can all agree that's a pretty good deal. Yeah, you can't fast forward or skip ads but you cant beat it if you got a good antenna for the price.

So where do cat videos factor into all of this? Well, over the weekend a new channel popped up here on 7.4 (KVII-DT4) what used to be Stadium TV, a sports oriented channel, was replaced with TBD.

TBD as a network focuses on viral video programming from the deepest corners of the internet like the Pet Collective, Fail Army among others with a set of hosts that help curate the content. Need a sample of the content?

Maybe fuzzy animals aren't your thing? Their on-air schedule has a little something for everyone.

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How about this. Maybe you need a pick me up, watching people fail at basic things all day can be satisfying too and there is plenty of that on this network too. You need this in your life, there's nothing more fun then realizing that no matter how bad you got it, someone has it worse... and to add to that, someone else had a camera to catch it in all of it's glory to live on forever on stream and over the air.

Go ahead Amarillo!!! pick up that remote! rescan your TV and enjoy!!! but not too long... after all we love you here too.

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