The last coronavirus relief stimulus was not enough many locals feel, plus with with the ongoing struggles with renters, Amarillo Community Development decided to launch another low-income rental assistance program.

The latest coronavirus stimulus bill, while a small shot in the arm, is now worrying renters everywhere as the current eviction protections expire at the end of the month. The city of Amarillo is stepping up and helping out renters in need.

The City Council approved an action plan that aims to get money in the hands of renters, nearly 550 thousand dollars for rental assistance alone.

Director of Community Development, Jason Riddlespurger said “That Home Grant is one of the things that's within that 1.6 million. That's where that $546,000 comes from, is that particular area.”

There are qualifications.  The Texas-Based Rental Assistance is targeted at the elderly, families with children, the disabled, the homeless, or those on the verge of homelessness.

This new flow of money will add to the 381 thousand dollars the city has already used to help low-income households.  You can find out more by contacting Community Development at 806-378-3098.

While the moratorium on evictions ends Jan. 31, President Biden announced a plan for a new stimulus bill that will extend that deadline to the end of September easing those renters that are behind.

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