Yes, you read that right. They DELIVER!

I love all the new businesses opening up in Amarillo. But this one may take the cake in my eyes.
The new business “Happy Hour” opens their doors today. They are located at Olsen and Lometa Dr. Their description on Instagram reads

An upscale, modern take on frozen adult beverages. The best part? We deliver.

In other words, casual Friday just for a whole lot better in Amarillo. Happy hour will deliver frozen margaritas to your office, party, wedding etc.

They will offer 9 different flavors and are open Monday-Friday from 12pm-9pm.
You can go to and place an order for the same day or 4 years from now and you can call (806) 418-6292.

•• 8.30.18

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For their grand opening today (8/30/18) you can use the offer code “HHIG” for 50% off your order at

Drink responsibly Amarillo!

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