Don't you think after maybe losing $20 on a carnival game you would call it quits? Not this guy from New Hampshire he was convinced he was going to win that Xbox Kinect. The game he was so persistent winning on was called "Tubs Of Fun." The name alone would not want me to try this game!

After waisting $300 within minutes he was so convinced that he could beat the "Tubs Of Fun" he went home and returned with $2300 more. Within an hour after that all his money was gone and the only thing he had to show for was a yellow banana with dreadlocks.

Now I don't know if I wanna laugh at this story because how would you want to spend $2600 on a Xbox Kinect where you can buy it for less then $200 at Walmart! Winner Tubs Of Fun...

What carnival game are you good at?


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