A new hotel to stand six stories high with 226 rooms begging to be filled and misused in downtown Amarillo was revealed today.  Amarillo City Hall stuffed by members of the Downtown Redevelopment Board had their eyes titillated by a peep show of the new hotel's design.

My nipples got hard just standing outside of City Hall...

What's going to be so special about the new Embassy Suites?  Other than it's playa playa design, it is to be owned by the City of Amarillo!

I hear that and be all like: "shawty I don't mind...go and make that monay monay monay, yo monay monay monay"!

But that's just me, Amarillo Globe News elaborates on the new hotel a tad bit more professionally...

"The city will own the hotel, and Supreme Bright Amarillo will operate it under a long-term lease agreement.

The hotel is to be built on city-owned land across from the Amarillo Civic Center and on the same block as the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts.

The hotel will stand six stories tall and contain 226 rooms. It will contain 15,500 square feet of meeting space and 4,400 square feet of retail space, according to information from NewcrestImage."

This new hotel is simply a drop in the water in the glass of a $92 million project taking place in downtown Amarillo...

Check out the artist renderings of the hip new hotel here VVVVVVVVVV

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