A 26-year-old New Mexico man is facing 18 months behind bars for phoning in a bomb threat to a Lovington, N.M. Family Dollar so his girlfriend could get the day off.

Lovington police said Aaron Gutierrez wanted to spend the day with his bae and he wasn’t going to let a small thing like her 9 to 5 keep them apart. So he did what anyone with horrible judgement would do; he called her place of employment and said there was a bomb in the building.

If only we all had a man who wanted to be with us so much he would be willing to commit a felony, amirite ladies?

Police were able to zero in on Gutierrez after obtaining phone records and tracing the call back to him. (Note to future bomb threat makers: this is why payphones still exist. Even if they are full of horrible ear cooties.)

I'm sure every woman wants to be with a man who's this into them -- but probably not one this dumb. Fellas, remember this: There's a fine line between doing something idiotic and something romantic.

Unfortunately for this Aaron guy, it was way too much from column A.

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