Anyone over the age of say 15-20 years old probably experienced it. You know, that time you go out to the park to play on the playground.

Running around and swinging on a tire, getting on the merry-go-round that you manually spun, and seeing how fast you could get it to go, the monkey bars that burned your hands as you grabbed them and forced you to move quicker.

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Then there was the good 'ol metal slide that was so shiny and just invited you over. You'd climb the stairs to get up to the top, look down and think, "I'm gonna fly on this thing!"

You sit down and push yourself to get going quickly. "OW OW OW OW OW!" you scream all the way down the slide that was supposed to be all sorts of fun and your main point of excitement for the day.

All of a sudden, you're rolling around in the sand, screaming in utter pain, realizing what a bad idea it was to wear shorts to the park. The hot sun heating up the slide that has now scorched the skin on your legs so badly you're pretty sure you left some on the slide.

Would you believe me if I told you there was still one of those in Amarillo? Well...not anymore thankfully.

The park at St. Mary's still had one of those ancient metal slides but recently, they realized the err of their ways and have replaced it with this gorgeous piece of machinery.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

No more metal, on to the plastic slide that STILL gets a bit warm, but nothing like those metal ones.

And hey, this one still looks like a whole lot of fun. It's got a nice drop to it and you'll get moving on this one. So go enjoy it, and try to replace those burning memories with happier ones.

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