With Thanksgiving approaching, my family is deciding whose going to bring what.  Well since I live the farthest I got stuck bringing drinks and desserts.  My initial thought was to buy a bunch of different sodas, my sisters kindly said no!

Drinking Coke and Dr. Pepper is an everyday occurrence in my household.  While I don't encourage my son to drink it, I don't withhold it either.  But when I asked my sisters what kind of soda does everyone drink, they politely informed me that their kids were not allowed to drink any soda.  I was floored.

The reason, sodas make kids fat and unhealthy.  Now I found that a little ridiculous.  My son drinks sodas and he is healthy, active and not overweight at all.  So I decided to prove my sisters wrong.  I went online and did a little research.

I found a study that was conducted by the Georgetown Center for Food and Nutrition Policy.  Their findings concluded that sodas is not what caused kids to become overweight.  The cold hard facts were that kids and adults become overweight from eating too much and not exercising enough.

Smile from ear to ear!  I knew that soda would not cause my son to be overweight.  Now I do understand that sodas are full of caffeine and sugar, so if that is why you don't want your kids to drink I understand.

My son is only three years old.  Is that too young to be drinking sodas?  Growing up we were not allowed to drink sodas until we were a certain age.  It was milk, water or tea.  Thankfully, my son isn't addicted to soda; he would rather drink milk or juice.

So am I passing on an unhealthy habit?  How old should your children be before they are allowed to drink soda?