The Discovery center is always bringing in the best stuff for us! If you or your kid's love dinosaur you have to come to see this new exhibit. It is incredible for all ages!

The newest Discovery Center exhibit is called Battle of the Titans. They will take you straight to pre-historic times for this epic battle. They one corner there will be a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the other corner a Triceratops!

The only way to find out who wins is in the environment. Explore the exhibit to find the history of each titan and learn the advantages and disadvantages each dinosaur would have in a fight. You will learn how they were equally matched and needed each other to survive.

This is a traveling exhibit and only here for a limited time. Battle of the Titans opens to the public at the Don Harrington Discovery Center on January 26th! Admission is $14 for adults and children 3-17 is $9.

For more information and members discount prices check out their Facebook page.

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