Fans of this team will tell you it's really hard to rewt -- err, root -- for them.

Can things get any worse for the Washington Redskins? The franchise that has won seven games in the last two seasons, hasn’t won a playoff game in a decade while claiming only three postseason victories in the last 23 years has learned that its front office isn’t the only one that’s a few yards short of a first down.

According to Grammarly, Redskins fans have the worst grammar among all NFL fan bases:

To do so, they reviewed 150 reader comments that were at least 50 words long from the news section of each NFL team website (12,728 total words, on average, per team). The Redskins finished dead last with 16.5 mistakes per 100 words."

The Lions, a team that has never won the Super Bowl, can at least boast that it has the smartest fans, since they led the way with only 4.2 mistakes per 100 words.

Of course, if Lions fans really are so bright, you have to wonder why more of them don’t realize it’d probably be more intelligent to root for another team that will not frustrate them so much. But we digress.

Super Bowl champion New England doesn’t exactly have too many Rhodes Scholars following them. They finished with the fourth-most mistakes among fans, proving it's better to have guys with smarts in the front office, on the sidelines and on the field than in the seats.

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