According to a survey done by, teachers have a real problem with social media. They believe it is really affecting children's grammar. Instead of typing out "Laughing Out Loud" it's just easier to type out, "LOL". But let's face it, adults do it too. I bet a few teachers might even type it to their friends or family. Shh, we won't tell anyone. says that 73% of teachers say social media and texting are bad for grammar and spelling. Abbreviations like "BRB" and emojis are most likely part of the problem.

The survey also showed that teachers sometimes use the grammar they find on social media to better understand their students. Basically, if they don't know what is the meaning of a term a student is saying, they look at the context of the word or term used online to better understand what is being said.

32% of teachers say they have students who struggle with grammar and a lot of teachers are bothered when they hear children using slang or text speak when they are doing their homework.

A little piece of advice to all of you students out there, save the text talk for your buddies and don't do around your teachers. LOL


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