We’ve heard of Nicki Minaj but Niki Minaj? Yeah, we don’t know her. Her alter ego is Roman, not Niki! Turns out, the producers at the Grammy nominations live concert know this Niki Minaj.

Minaj, who was on site to announce the nominees in the Record of the Year category, was awarded a nomination herself in the Best New Artist category. But when her name and picture were displayed on the giant screens, her name was misspelled as “Niki.” No one thought to hire a copy editor? There are only two words to describe this snafu: EPIC FAIL!

We understand that in the fast-paced, hustle and bustle of the instant age of information that sometimes these errors occur, but at a major, live and televised event such as this?

The Twitterverse blew up with fans tweeting about this Niki Minaj person and the fact that an error like this got past so many noses.

One tweeter wrote: “Wait, so it’s not official. Nicki Minaj wasn’t nominated, Niki Minaj was. I hope Niki steps up and claims her nomination.” Another Minaj fan posted: “Who is Niki Minaj?? Goshh is it that hard to spell?? N-I-C-K-I M-I-N-A-J.”

You can have a hearty laugh and keep up with the comments here.

Minaj herself had yet to tweet about the egregious error. We love you Niki! We meant Nicki.

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