Well Folks it's about that time again! Time for Kiss Fm's 5th annual Christmas Wish List.

Holidays are a time to spend with loved ones and friends. The holidays also bring a lot of stress to families. Some families have had to deal with hardship this year and we want to do our best to lighten that load, even if it's just a little bit during the holidays. I'm sure we have been there once or twice wondering on how were gonna get gifts for family or even food on the table. Kids love Christmas time. They look forward to waking up early Christmas morning and running to the Christmas tree to see what they got from Santa.


It definitely puts a smile on the parents face to see their kids happy. Some families have it better then others, that's why here at Kiss Fm we have put together the  "Kiss Fm Christmas Wish List." Do you have a co-worker, friend or family that might need a little extra help for Christmas? Here's how it works.


Please use the form below and fill out all of the information. Please be very detailed in why you are nominating this person. Please share the kind of struggles they have been going thru, and what you suggest on how we can help.

If it's a family your nominating please let us know how many kids they have and their ages. Please do not tell the person/persons you are nominating them for "Kiss Fm's Christmas Wish List." We want this to be a surprise. Here's a tip. Make these letters very heart warming. The kind of letter that's gonna make me cry when I read it.


We are not guaranteeing that your letter will be picked but it will be looked at for sure. We can't grant all the wishes but we will try to grant as many wishes as we can. Thanks so much for supporting Kiss FM and Merry Christmas to all!

Submissions for this year are closed on December 15th, 2013.


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