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Cops from the New York Police Department were busted by their own employer for drinking on the job after being recognized by their own highly controversial facial recognition system, a database built from taking billions of photos from social media users without their consent.

Well, well, well.

Nobody likes to get caught in their own trap. Embarrassing. There has been tons of discussion on whether or not it is ethical to monitor people in such a way and I'd say one of the best parts of being an American is being free from the same amount of strenuous CCTV they use across the pond, granted we do have our own.

While I don't particularly care for anyone stealing my photos for facial recognition software, it appears to have caught some cops doing s#!* they shouldn't have been doing, and I'm glad for that. Police the police.

I will say that the police officers that were caught were headed toward the funeral of a colleague. The perfect time to have a drink is when you're mourning the loss of a buddy, and I understand that completely, but not while you're on the job and being paid to protect and serve.

Nobody is above the law or the repercussions for their actions. Police are just people like everyone else, and if I was caught drinking on the job, I'd be in the same boat as them.

I have a deep respect for a good police officer, and no tolerance for a bad one. Plain and simple. Across the board. If we can work more toward rooting out the bad ones and building up the good ones instead of arguing, that would be fantastic. Is additional facial recognition software a bad idea or a good one?

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