All good things must come to an end. Here we are at the end of our free pass. It is just about up. A lot of people were able to take advantage of the waiver we were given.

Back last spring when Covid hit our governor, Gov Abbot, issued a waiver. That waiver kept us from getting a ticket for an expired drivers license or an expired sticker on your car for your registration.

The reason was that the offices were closed during the pandemic. It was also hard to keep up with all the online orders with so many people out of the office.

I didn’t get to take advantage of this waiver because my registration was up last March so I had my inspection and sticker ordered before pandemic hit. It’s what I get for being so on top of things. So with the waiver coming to an end of course I already have my updated sticker for this year too.

We were informed months ago about this coming to an end but tomorrow, Wednesday, April 14th is the end of the line an your grace period being up. Starting on Thursday, April 15th you can start getting tickets for this again.

If you have not renewed yet you need to make sure you get online and see if you qualify. Having your receipt will at least save you from a ticket so it is worth a shot.

Get up to date. Make sure you don’t get pulled over for out date tags.

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