2020 has seen its share of disturbing events, including bad at home haircuts. What else could 2020 possibly bring? How does three massive asteroids with one the size of the Empire State Building hurling towards earth this month sound?

The first one labeled Asteroid 2002NN4 estimated to be 1870 feet wide that will breach the Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance (MOID) will pass by Earth Saturday June 6 at 3:20 AM.  While this asteroid will pass by earth at a safe distance of 3.1 million miles it’s still close enough to make some people squirm. 3.1 million miles is only 13 times the distance between the moon and Earth.

The next massive space rock is Asteroid 2013XA22 that will breach the MOID Monday June 8 at 3:40 PM will pass earth a bit close by less than 2 million miles. This Asteroid will pass by at about 15,000 miles per hour.

The next asteroid is Asteroid 2010NY65 discovered ten years ago because of its close proximity to Earth. This asteroid will fly by June 24 at about 36,000 miles per hour. At about one thousand feet this is the smallest of the three but with the highest velocity.

If you are a dooms day fanatic there is a website from NASA and the Center for Near Earth Object Studies that tracks and lists all object approaching earth.  You’ll want to click the UNCERTAINTEES tab, which basically says we could be hit by an object anytime really.

If this sort of news is scary for you, don't go to the NEO Earth Close Approaches site here. It shows asteroids with close approaches on a nearly daily basis.

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