The former Beall's location on 45th is finally getting some life to it. Now it won't be a permanent location. Now that the Toys R Us location has stores in it. It lost the ability to host these temporary places.

It used to be that every year we would have a Halloween store move into that location. They would move it. Stay there until Halloween got here and then they were gone. We needed empty buildings like that. We need a location for a temporary store like that. I mean we don't need Halloween costumes year round.

This is where that old Beall's location comes in to play. According to the Coldwell Banker's Commercial Amarillo Facebook page that is exactly what is going into that former location. According to their page Spirit Halloween has leased the location at 4221 SW 45th Suite 1. The former location of Beall's.

That location has just over 26,000 square feet of location to sell Halloween costumes. Since we are getting to the end of September this is the perfect time for them to be moving in. I don't think they will do much work to get ready for their new tenants.

I think they just move in and use what they have. Since it was a store previously I feel it won't take to much to get it open. Just move in the merchandise. So as you start planning for your Halloween parties and trick or treating needs. This is just one more place for you and your family to go for your spooky needs.

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