Olympians may have an extraordinary athletic gift, but they're not above practicing odd rituals to help them out.

Whether it be swimmers or rowers, cyclists or fencers, Olympians are also superstitious. When the rest of us sitting-on-the-couch-Cheetos-eating-fatties insist on wearing the red sweatpants with the hole in the crotch and no elasticity left in the waist while nursing a Bud that can only be drunk with the left hand, we're urged to get help for our OCD. When these laser-focused sculpted gods and goddesses, do it it's considered quirky.

Athletes are notoriously superstitious, whether they're baseball players or Olympians. And while they may seem so different from the rest of us because of their drive and their physical prowess, it is nice to know that in this way they're pretty similar to us in asking the fates to help them achieve their goals.

After all, if they don't put their left sock on before their right, the supreme being keeping score will remember that and grant victory to the opponent. That's just scientific fact, right?

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