Curious to see what one should do if they find themselves victim of some bad luck or a curse on Friday 13, a search for a local psychic began.

After a quick Google search, it became apparent that psychics, while adept at tapping into the spirit world, still haven’t figured out how to navigate GoDaddy or Facebook for the most part.

Tami Jones

The first psychic I contacted was Tami Jones. She told me that curses are actually pretty rare, and your bad luck could just be a case of the "Evil Eye" or someone projecting negativity and ill-will on you. More than likely, she said, it's just the result of your own poor decision making. (Ouch Tami. Ouch.)

The best thing to do, according to Tami, is to seek guidance from a reader or a spiritual guide if you feel you are a victim of such a thing.

Tami also told me that protecting yourself from such things is pretty simple. First, intent is important. Use some candles and incense to help you focus. The main focus is going to be on what you say, and to who (meaning your deity of choice.)

Lastly, don't leave that negativity hanging in the air. It could find its way back to you. Send it back to the person who placed it on you in the first place.

I almost had another conversation with another psychic, but right after we said hello to each other she had to tend to her child ending the call.

The next psychic I tried had a voicemail box that hasn’t been set up yet. One other had a number that had been disconnected, another wasn’t open yet, and yet another had a very eerie automated message that said, “Please leave your message for…” and then there was silence.

So, if you need guidance on this Friday 13, looks like a hot date with a deity, some candles, a little incense, and a prayer or chant is your best bet. Or just call Tami.

You can reach Tami Jones by calling 806-418-8174 or 806-367-4939

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