This is one of those very rare cases where a person is taking medication that caused them to fail a drug test.  Usually, when people fail a drug test, they know why.  But when USA Olympic soccer star, Hope Solo, got the news that she had tested positive for canrenone, a prohibited diuretic, according to the USADA in her urine analysis, she was left in shock.

Hope claims that she takes the drug for premenstrual purposes, and honestly did not know that the medication she took contained a prohibited diuretic according to the US Anti-Doping Agency's Prohibited List.

Because there are so many medications, both in prescription form and over the counter form, as well as dietary supplements, that contain banned substances, the USADA strongly encourages athletes to do their research before they begin taking any type of medication.

Luckily, in Hope's case, she hasn't been banned, due to this being an honest mistake.  But she has been issued an official warning, and 1 warning is all she is going to get!

Hope is 1 of 14 American Olympians that received sanction under United States Olympic Committee's anti-doping policies this year, according to the USADA. She is one of three athletes to avoid suspension.

So look for her to be ripping up the field!  Woman's soccer is so freaking hot, almost as hot as volley ball!  Yeah, I'm a fan...


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