Do your kids love playing soccer? Are looking for the perfect place to take them? A WT student, Jose, is wanting to give back to the community by putting on a soccer camp for kids July 25th-29th.

Jose is a senior at WTAMU and is very passionate about soccer.  He grew up playing the sport and wants to share his knowledge with the kids in our area.

He started a non-profit organization called Amarillo Soccer Academy. Their philosophy is to teach the South American Soccer style and create a better future for kids.

They believe that success is no accident. Amarillo Soccer Academy is wanting to teach kids to work hard, have perseverance, learn, study the game, sacrifice and the most important, love what you do.

The ages for the soccer camp are ages 6-18 years old. Check out the video to listen to Jose's vision and purpose for the soccer camp for kids.  For more information call them at 806-400-5673 for details.They would love to discuss all the details with you.