It's been a minute since I've outright had a dog of my own to ride shotgun in the truck or take a walk with or just veg out on the couch with. My wife brought two very fun Pomeranians into the marriage and I'll admit they've grown on me. While they are littler than I'm used to, Poms are a 50 pound dog in a 10 pound package and they just love unconditionally.

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Unfortunately not every dog is given the same love and affection and opportunity for a happy home or perhaps circumstances change. for the most part rehoming becomes an issue or these dogs find themselves at the city shelter or with a non profit group here in town and by the way there are some amazing groups here in town.

One of these groups has however had enough and they aren't afraid to say it...

This one definitely hits hard in the feels department because as you scroll the page you see all the great work that they are doing to help out with our canine friends who might otherwise not get taken care of but charity only can go so far when the need shows no signs of slowing down.

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If you're thinking about getting a dog it truly is a lifelong commitment. Don't do so because it looks cute or its a spur of the moment thing. Like any other living creature they have needs and wants and need attention from those who are willing to invest the time and effort into taking care of a dog.

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While they aren't taking in any new pets through Labor Day, they can still use help with fostering and other needs. visit their website for the latest.

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