I can already hear hearts breaking. Fellas, if you want to protect yourself when the time comes from getting coronavirus you'll want to shave your beard.

All of it.

Not a trim. Not an upside down hairnet. Remove the rug from your chin.

Chin-wigs, or beards as they're sometimes called, have long been heralded as purveyors of disease if left unkempt. With the threat of coronavirus spreading across the U.S. being called an almost certainty, you're going to want to get rid of it.

The reason why, according to the CDC, is that facial hair makes it hard for respiratory masks to adequately fit to your face. Studies have shown that even a little bit of stubble makes it hard for the masks to fit properly to provide adequate protection.

Luckily, the CDC does have an neat chart of ways you can style your facial hair so that you can sort-of keep some of what you've worked so hard to grow.


Damn. Not even a Fu Manchu is safe.

We're all familiar with the images of people wearing "breathing masks" in areas infected with the novel coronavirus. Those masks won't do nearly as good a job if you've got a pad of hair surrounding your face.

I know that Duck Dynasty and History Channel's Vikings along with Game of Thrones made beards cool. I know you've worked hard on it. Honestly, hats off to you guys who can pull off those impressive face-warmers.

But with the fact that we have an "international" airport in town that gets enough international travel to warrant purchasing translating tablets to aid in customer service, you may want to be safe rather than sorry.

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