We all sincerely hope that we're nearing the end of the coronavirus pandemic and certainly hope we never have to go through anything like this again.

It was very interesting to me as I traveled from Lubbock to Austin this past weekend. That's a solid seven hours of truck stops, small towns, convenience stores and fast food places. As we approached all of these places, we were wondering whether the folks inside would be taking the pandemic seriously at this point.

I'm happy to report that despite Governor Abbott lifting the mask order in March, the great majority of people out there are watching out for each other's health. After all, that's what you're doing. Wearing a mask is watching out for someone else's health.

From the T.A. Superstore in Sweetwater to a killer Sonic Drive-Thru in Lampasas, everyone was masked up (and was I just hungrier than usual, or was there something special about that Sonic?). Even the folks at both of the Home Depots I visited in Austin were 100 percent masked up. They even learned how to cover their noses -- and I'm referring to both the employees and patrons.

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We visited exactly one place where the employees did not have masks, and that was near Lake Brownwood. But at least they kept their distance and were behind plastic barriers when we checked out.

It was an amazing experience to see all of these people doing what they could to help out. We're (hopefully) on our way to reducing active COVID-19 cases into the single digits in the Hub City, so I hope everyone will follow the examples set by their fellow Texans in kicking this virus' vile butt out of the Lone Star State.


Badasses in Facemasks

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