Deadpool 2 is supposed to be a vicious satire of superhero movies. And in most ways it is. It pokes fun at the genre’s clichés. It even has Deadpool making jokes about DC movies and characters. No sacred cow is left unslaughtered.

Given all of that, you might expect Deadpool 2 to also make fun of comic-book movies’ obsession with Easter eggs, either by not having any or by pointing out some that are so stupid (or totally made up). Not so; in fact, Deadpool 2 has more Easter eggs than a church lawn on a Sunday in early spring. There are homages to classic X-Men comics, callbacks to the actors’ previous movies, and even subtle (or not-so-subtle) shoutouts to past X-Men films. And unlike everything else in Deadpool 2, the movie is pretty serious about this stuff. References to obscure issues of X-Men Unlimited are no jokes, people.

As you dive into our 10 favorite Deadpool 2 Easter eggs, be aware there are SPOILERS in here for the film; both in terms of the plot, and in terms of some surprise character cameos. Only read on if you’ve already seen the film and want to see what you might have missed, or you really love spoiling stuff before you see it. (No judgment if you do; ScreenCrush is for everyone.) In rough chronological order, here’s what we found in Deadpool 2 (and by all means, share the Easter eggs you liked in the comments below):

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