This morning Palo Duro Canyon State Park issued a park update regarding rain and flood damage. If you were planning to visit the canyon, here's what you need to know.

There is no entry without prior day use reservations. All trails are closed until further notice. Park Road 5 from lighthouse parking lot to the end of park is under water and closed.

They did say that campers who have existing reservations in any water and electric sites can still access their camp site.

When they released the update, they also stated that all phones and voicemail were down but they had a crew working on it.

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds out and we all get a chance to celebrate the Fourth of July outdoors instead of watching rain fall outside of our windows. The National Weather Service in Amarillo has put out a couple of updates this morning regarding our chances for more rain.

Today, they're saying that we do have a chance for more heavy rain and flooding through the day. The good news is that they aren't expecting there to be nearly as many storms and showers as there were yesterday.

As of early this morning, they're expecting thunderstorms to be possible through the weekend, however Sunday afternoon and evening brings a possible increase in the chance for severe weather.

This weekend while you're out celebrating, try your best to keep an eye on the forecast for the area. Hopefully we don't see much in the way of severe weather, and it would be really nice if the rain would hold off so we could all enjoy the fireworks displays that are planned.

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