Palo Duro High School hosted their second annual Dapper Don Pageant! The Dapper Don Pageant is a fundraiser held to help PD’s Junior Leadership raise money. Junior Leadership at Palo Duro High School is in charge of hosting Prom – so they do lots of fundraising to help them better prepare for such a big event.

The Dapper Don Pageant is a pageant consisted of PD’s junior and senior boys who are dressed and dolled up as ladies! There are three categories that they try to win a title to. Best Legs, Talent, and a Question portion. There is also a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runner up! It was a little more unorganized than last years’ pageant, so I was unaware of what the gifts(prizes) were for the winner. Last year the winners won free tickets to prom, so it was a great investment.

The audio wasn't on queue as it should have been and there were some technical difficulties but overall there were many laughs shared and great a great show to watch. Here is a photo gallery of all the pictures I snapped of the pageant! There were also a few Prom Proposals from the gentlemen at the pageant to their special ladies. Try not to tear up!


Nick Hoang - 12th

Sergio Cavazos - 12th

Omar Vedoy - 12th

Sergio Aguirre - 11th

Sergio Gomez - 11th

Troy Jackson - 11th

Frank Navarette - 11th


Brittney Hoang & Anousone Phimphilavong


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