We have all fantasized at one point or another about staring in a movie, recording an album or something to that extent.  But for most of us it is just a fantasy.  Well, a Pampa man is making his dream reality.

I remember growing up I would sing in my mirror using my hairbrush.  I'd fantasize about singing in front of a giant crowd.  Unfortunately, I am not talented enough to make it in the music industry.  LOL!  But Andy Fernuik is!

Andy Fernuik was raised right here in the Panhandle.  If you are from Pampa then you probably know him or at least his family.  Fernuik had a dream and now it is coming true.  He is going to be staring in a Hollywood film.

Fernuik grew up in a family of entertainers.  His mother was a musician and piano teacher, and his father was a lover of comedy.   It has been his passion.  After leaving the Panhandle, attended the University of Utah and spent years in professional skiing and linguistics before moving to New York City to perform live theater.

He then ended up in Salt Lake City, Utah auditioning for various things.  That is how he landed his role as a washed up British indie rocker Thaniel in Rob Reiner’s latest independent work, “Being Charlie."

The movie is already in theaters.  If or when you watch it, just remember you can do anything you want to as long as you work hard at it.  Andy Fernuik may be from little ole Pampa, Texas but now he's on the big screen.

When asked about his role Fernuik said that his role in Reiner’s latest film is like 'being in his own personal fairy tale'.

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