When it comes to saving money on certain groceries, Panhandle Salvage is my go to place. When I needed some produce or fruit or even milk, I would always find myself heading over to 58th and Western to grab some on the go. They were exceptionally discounted.

On any given day you could find huge deals on popular items like salad kits for .25 cents or Gatorade for .25 cents per bottle, a gallon of milk for $1, or I got a giant jar of brand name mayo for .25 cents one time. It was amazing savings.

No they didn't have the same things all the time, every time, but you knew when you shopped there, you could get a full basket of groceries for $10 or $20 tops.

Unfortunately, the time of shopping at Panhandle Salvage is coming to a close. It is closing its doors.

Banners adorn the outside of the building saying "Store Closing." It looks like they are trying to sell what inventory they have left in the store.

I was able to speak with Randy Arceneaux, President and CEO of Affiliate Foods.   He said the store is closing and it could be the 2nd or 3rd week in October.  It just depended on the liquidation process.  If they are able to get the surplus liquidated, it will close sooner, if it takes longer then they will stay open longer.

It's a sad day for those of us, who shopped there to find some really great deals and to save money.

Arceneaux, did say that the decision to close Panhandle Salvage was because the neighborhood where it is located needs a full service supermarket.

One of the members of the Affiliated Family will be moving into the building and it will be a full service supermarket.  When asked he would not give me the name of the store, but did say it was a member of Affiliated opening the store.

However, rumor has it Fiesta Foods has purchased the building. As of this time we don't know if they will be moving from their location on 10th street to this location or if they will be opening a bigger store in addition to their current location.

When I asked about the employees at the current store, Arceneaux did say, "all employees will be offered jobs at the member's store, or will be offered a job at the Affiliated warehouse."

Panhandle Salvage is a salvage store and when asked what would happen to all the salvage products now that the store is closing, Arceneaux did say that third parties will be purchasing the salvage.

There are no plans for a new salvage store in Amarillo.

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