On Monday (February 5), Paramore revealed the video for “Rose-Colored Boy.” The nearly five-minute-long clip follows the band members as they host Wake Up! Roseville — a retro, happy go lucky news show for anyone that likes to wear rose-colored glasses.

As soon as the cameras stop running, Hayley the news anchor immediately looks defeated, only to perk up that smile again as soon as the cameraman counts down to “one.” This gets exhausting though, and midway through the video she has a breakdown, which causes her to lash out and reveal her inner Paramore Hayley. News anchors Taylor and Zac follow suit, and before you know it the three of them are rocking out in their ‘80s style garb.

“Rose-Colored Boy” is the latest single off the band’s fifth studio album, After Laughter. The trio is kicking off “Tour Four” on February 8, which sees the band play Australia and New Zealand for the first time in four years, before setting sail for their PARAHOY! DEEP SEARCH cruise through the Bahamas and hopping on the festival circuit this summer for Boston Calling and Bonnaroo.

Check out some behind the scenes photos from the “Rose-Colored Boy” video shoot, shot by Lindsey Byrnes, below.