Nothing says 'Merica like Beer and the 1st Amendment. Here at the station, we were informed by that Pastor Todd Barker of Anchor of Hope Baptist Church will attend the event to let attendees know "Craft Beer is the devil's craft."

The delicious beer put together by mankind himself is actually the work of the Devil... sorcery! Let's play the devil's advocate on this one for a minute (see what I did there). Where is Pastor Todd Barker coming from? I did a little research and ran into his blog HERE. The majority of the content is alcohol related.

Why the strong opposition against alcohol? Well, some Christian faiths believe the consumption of alcohol is a sin. Yes, there was the whole phenomenon of turning water into wine and the blood of Christ. But there was the prohibition movement in the U.S. where citizens wanted to outlaw the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and religious beliefs forefronted the movement.

This is deeper than just thinking demons are wearing human suits and making alcohol. This man and surrounding followers have committed their entire life to educating the surrounding community of a belief they hold true.

However, we have run into a bit of a culture clash.

We are at the station, drumming up some ideas for the community and bringing events to the panhandle for all ages. Our Craft Beerfest was not created with any negative intention to be evil or sinister. We wanted to bring something to the community that caters to all cultures in the area.

Everyone leads a different lifestyle and everyone has a different point of view on issues. Can you imagine if we all thought the same and followed one set of moral rules? Life would be boring and we wouldn't have the advances in technologies that we do. It's okay to be different and think differently.

We talked about the announcement from Pastor Todd Barker in our meeting today, and we welcome him and his followers to protest our event. We ask the attendees of our Craft Beerfest event to be respectful to the pastor and his congregation at the event on August 19.

I mean, at least we don't have David Grisham yelling "Beer doesn't exist!" That's sacrilegious.

Don't forget to get your tickets to The Panhandle Craft Beerfest. The VIP tickets are going fast be sure to reserve your tickets now. We are looking forward to seeing you there!



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