It's two weeks or so until Halloween and everyone seems to be coming up with lists of favorite candy for each state. They even did this on "Good Morning, America" this week.

How in the world does Candy Corn keep getting listed as the "Favorite Halloween Candy in Texas" by multiple sources? Here's Influenster's online list, and guess what? Texas gets Candy Corn again! Texas isn't alone in being lumped into the lame Candy Corn Crew. Tennessee and Oregon also seem to get hit with the Candy Corn Lovers label as well.

In a world of Snickers, Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Milky Way, and all the rest, somebody keeps giving Texas a big old bag of Candy Corn. This stuff could be from last Halloween and would we really ever know? More to the point, Candy Corn is probably used for fall crafting these days more than it's enjoyed by trick or treaters on Halloween.

Since we started asking, we hear more Texas saying "No thanks" when it comes to Candy Corn which is making us wonder if maybe it isn't the worst choice for Halloween candy. Let's check out some more opinions in this video below.

Ok, so from the video above we have the following descriptions of what candy corn tastes like: "Sweaty Gym Socks", "Stale on the outside, Creamy on the inside", "Candle-wax disappointment", "Waxier than I remember". and finally "I don't know where it even came from, or what it's supposed to taste like". Bingo! So how does this keep coming up as the favorite Halloween Candy anywhere?

For a look at how long it's been around and where exactly Candy Corn comes from, let's ask the History Channel.

For those who love Candy Corn, the good news is it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. If you're not a fan, the bad news is you can probably still count on it being the candy of choice for misinformed households who watch Good Morning America. Most of us seem to rank it alongside the disappointment of ringing a doorbell on Halloween night and getting handed apples, dental floss & toothbrushes, or small bags of change.

It's estimated that almost 50% of households purchase Halloween Candy within a week of the holiday itself. Take it from your favorite neighborhood Country Station, go for the Snickers!

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